20 March 2006

Bugge at homedosh.com

Active kids love to play, enjoy, and explore. As a parent, I always want my kids to enjoy while learning without messing at home. When I see the Bugge Modular System by Katrine Vestol without any doubt in mind, I tell myself, this is the furniture for my kids and me. It has elements in different shape that will challenge my kid’s imagination, and they will get to play together without the need of quarreling on whose going to play with a certain toy. At least with this one, they are going have a nice bonding moment. When not in use, I see it as a beautiful furniture and décor in my home.

1 comment:

  1. Perfekt Katrine!

    Kjekt å sjå Bugge! Prøver stadig.. har sendt ut info til fleire produsenter, men ingen napp; ENDA!!

    He fortsatt trua!